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Check point screener course

Level five will design a course suitable for your airport or installation.

Our trainers are experienced in training checkpoint screeners all over the world and are also familiar with all of the X-Ray, EDS, Metal Detectors and ETD equipment on the market today.

The course can include operation of X-Ray, EDS, Metal Detectors and ETD including the concept of operating a checkpoint, or, we can provide separate courses for operators of any of the above mentioned technologies (e.g X-Ray operators course, EDS operators course).

During the training course the participants will have the opportunity to view and practice with a variety of simulated explosives, explosive devices and mechanisms.


An introduction to weapons, explosives and IEDs.weapons, explosives and IED recognition course.An introduction to screening technologies.X-ray image analysis.EDS image analysis.Using screening technology to detect weapons, explosives and IEDs. The concept of operating a people and baggage screening check point.The concept of operating a hold baggage screening checkpoint.
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